Exhibition & Book Launch “The Lonely Langur”

Author and artist Suzi Garner has collaborated with the Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project and her book, ‘The Lonely Langur’, will be launched at Manzi on Friday at 6pm.

The images in the book are photographed from 3 dimensional diaromas constructed by Suzi. These delightful artworks will be exhibited at Manzi and are for sale

Representatives of the Langur Project will be at the launch to highlight the plight of these endangered animals.

Suzi’s first book, ‘A Death In Hanoi’, a short story told in pictures, garnered excellent reviews for its artwork and is a book and art collector’s joy. Her new book is just as rewarding.

Both books are surprisingly inexpensive and profits from ‘The Lonely Langur’ are directed to the Project that is attempting to conserve these endangered animals.