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  1. Treasures of Chinese Philosophy 200 Best Quotations


    This book offers a selection of some of the most valuable quotations from the classic texts in the the Chinese philosophic tradition, some dating...View more

  2. Zen and the Art of Motocycle Maintenance


    Acclaimed as one of the most exciting books in the history of American letters, this modern epic became an instant bestseller upon publication in...View more

  3. Imagined Communities


    What makes people love and die for nations, as well as hate and kill in their name? While many studies have been written on...View more

  4. Psyche & Symbol

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    Author: C G Jung Publisher: Anchor Released Date: 1958 ISBN: View more

  5. The Portable Jung

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    This comprehensive collection of writings by the epoch-shaping Swiss psychoanalyst was edited by Joseph Campbell, himself the most famous of Jung's American followers. It...View more

  6. My Gita


    In My Gita, acclaimed mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik demystifies The Bhagavad Gita for the contemporary reader. His unique approach-thematic rather than verse by verse makes...View more

  7. We Robots


    In the tradition of Jaron Lanier's You Are Not a Gadget, a rousing, sharply argued--and, yes, inspiring!--reckoning with our blind faith in technology Can...View more

  8. Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism

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    In some circles, a nod towards totalitarianism is enough to dismiss any critique of the status quo. Such is the insidiousness of the neo-liberal...View more

  9. Man and His Symbols


    Illustrated throughout with revealing images, this is the first and only work in which the world-famous Swiss psychologist explains to the layperson his enormously...View more

  10. The Interpretation of Dreams

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    Whether we love or hate Sigmund Freud, we all have to admit that he revolutionized the way we think about ourselves. Much of this...View more

  11. The Tao of pooh

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    THE TAO OF POOH which it is revealed that one of the world's great Taoist masters isn't Chinese...or a venerable philosopher...but is...View more

  12. This is Not a Pipe

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    What does it mean to write "This is not a pipe" across a bluntly literal painting of a pipe? Rene Magritte's famous canvas provides...View more

  13. Michel Foucault

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    This is an overview of Foucault's work. A principal architect of poststructuralism, Michel Foucault reshaped the varied disciplines of history, philosophy, literary theory, and...View more

  14. The Use of Pleasure the History of Sexuality vol 2

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    The author turns his attention to sex and the reasons why we are driven constantly to analyze and discuss it. An iconoclastic explanation of...View more

  15. The Portable Jung

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    This comprehensive collection of writings by the epoch-shaping Swiss psychoanalyst was edited by Joseph Campbell, himself the most famous of Jung's American followers. It...View more

  16. Psyche and Symbol A Selection from the Writing of C G Jung

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    The archetypes of human experience which derive from the deepest unconscious mind and reveal themselves in the universal symbols of art and religion as...View more

  17. Antisemitism part one of the Origins of Totalitarianism

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    The first volume of Arendt's celebrated three-part study of the philosophical origins of the totalitarian mind. This volume focuses on the rise of antisemitism...View more

  18. Between Friends the Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy

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    They first met in New York: Mary McCarthy, an American writer, and Hannah Arendt, a philosopher who had fled Nazi Germany. They soon became...View more

  19. The Path a New Way to Think About Everything

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    INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER SUNDAY TIMES TOP TEN BESTSELLER Harvard's most popular professor explains how thinkers from Confucius to Zhuangzi can transform our lives ...View more

  20. The Way of Lie

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    R. B. Blackney's great translation of the Tao Teh Ch'ing. With explanation of unfamiliar Chinese terms and commentary.Excellent book for the student of Chinese...View more

  21. The Republic of Plato

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    Author: Francis MacDonald Corford Publisher: Oxford Released Date: 1968 View more

  22. The Republic


    Plato’s Republic is widely acknowledged as the cornerstone of Western philosophy. Presented in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and three different interlocutors,...View more

  23. Plotinus


    Author: Mortimer J Adler Publisher: William Benton Released Date: 1952 ISBN:...View more

  24. The Plays Of Aristophanes


    A poet who hated an age of decadence, armed conflict, and departure from tradition, Aristophanes' comic genius influenced the political and social order of...View more