Reminder: Vuong Thao’s Art at Bookworm Too


To celebrate the recent opening of Bookworm Too inNghiTamVillage, one ofVietnam’s best known and successful artists will create a gallery there over two levels.

Vuong Thao’s new work returns to the days before his fossil sculptures became so famous that the Singapore Art Museum purchased the complete 64 piece ‘Old Quarter’ series for their collection. 

Thao’s ‘bum’ paintings are in important international and private collections and his new canvasses are an art collector’s and connoisseur’s delight. They are delightfully whimsical and totally Vietnamese.


Vuong Van Thao-body and dreams

Vuong Van Thao-body and dreams8

As part of this exhibition Thao continues his fossil series with new illuminated sculptures in composite cubes. A feature are the historical skulls covered with Chinese and Vietnamese script and are figures that represent historical and cultural values in particular times in Vietnam’s history. The skull shown was inspired by the poem ‘The Tale of Khieu’,Vietnam’s epic poem composed by Nguyen Du about 200 years ago.

Vuong Van Thao-giao dieu


Since 2007 Thao’s living fossils have been his determined attempt to preserve historical and cultural values and concepts before they are destroyed by progress, indifference or greed.

One popular piece was LongBien Bridge in ten sections.

‘Bum’ sculptures will also be shown


Vuong Van Thao-bottom


All of Thao’s work is for sale. The Bookworm does not charge gallery commission or rent so this exhibition offers collectors and art lovers a chance to cut a few financial corners

Click here for a location map of Bookworm Too, the child of the original in Chau Long

The Bookworm is the best little book cafe in southeast Asia and the coolest place to browse.