[Review] Don’t Look Now: Short Stories by Daphne Du Maurier

The cover of this edition imitates the spiralling of each of Du Maurier’s five short stories that constitute this book. The entire collection is atmospheric as we take a dip into the murky waters of murder, loneliness and haunting sediments of the past. Each story delivers the Du Maurier whisper that is a blend of exotic physical settings and strange phenomena that I have fallen deeply into from my first reading of ‘Rebecca’ (one of my top five recommended books).

The titular story ‘Don’t Look Now’ is undoubtedly the prize-winner, surviving a tale of fortune-telling, foreboding and fatalities as an unknowing couple is swept up in a mystery on the enigmatic lands of Venice! Whether the other stories equate to the satisfaction of this one is questionable, but there is surely a couple of gems for anyone within these five narratives that you’ll want to keep for those ghost story-telling nights!

Mia Karam

Mia is a Literature BA and Environmental Politics MA graduate. Born in Surrey, England to a British-Persian parentage, Mia is currently living in Hanoi working as an ESL teacher and has had experience in music journalism and book reviewing for online sites since first graduating University in 2016.

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