[Review] Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver

“These times seem biblical!” Kingsolver propels us into a realistic environmental parable in her novel which meditates on the divisive discourse of climate change. Protagonist Dellarobia finds a miraculous migration of monarch butterflies and is swarmed with a chorus of questions, firstly – why are they here?

This novel tangibly ponders themes of marriage, oppression and capitalism through eco-Feminist and eco-Marxist theory to serve up the richest insight into this global challenge, seasoning it with didactic whispers and frosting it with moral excellence. This novel is a hymn to hope for environmentalists with hindering chimes from climate deniers at every archway. Kingsolver reaches inside and grabs the very essence of what drives our beliefs as she dissects one of the most ubiquitous challenges we face today.

Mia Karam

 Mia is a Literature BA and Environmental Politics MA graduate. Born in Surrey, England to a British-Persian parentage, Mia is currently living in Hanoi working as an ESL teacher and has had experience in music journalism and book reviewing for online sites since first graduating University in 2016.

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