[Review] The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

I like to pronounce it ‘hyoo-gah’ personally! But as Meik Wiking writes it’s not how you pronounce it or spell it –it’s now you feel it! This coffee table charm is a doting love letter from the founder of the Happiness Research Institute signed, sealed and delivered to Denmark, home to the Danes (the happiest people in the world apparently!) Initially sceptic as to how one can fill 280+ pages on the art of cosiness, I came to adore this little book of hygge as a soup for the soul whenever I feel a little overwhelmed. These pages are filled with statistics, anecdotes and hot-to-dos to pretty much make your life a little warmer on the inside! An easy and joyous read, we are guided on how to celebrate the little things in life from a true Danish Wiking himself!

Mia Karam

Mia is a Literature BA and Environmental Politics MA graduate. Born in Surrey, England to a British-Persian parentage, Mia is currently living in Hanoi working as an ESL teacher and has had experience in music journalism and book reviewing for online sites since first graduating University in 2016.

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